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10 More Things Your Financial Adviser Won’t Tell You

From: 10 More Things Your Financial Adviser Won’t Tell You Straight shooting financial advisers share their best tips and secrets. Interviews by Michelle Crouch

1. If you ask me, “How are you getting paid?” and I say, “Don’t worry about that. My company pays me,” that’s not a good sign.

2. Sure, I can help you buy 100 shares of IBM. But why pay me, when you can do it on E*Trade for less than you’d pay for a large pizza. 

3. You pay a carpenter to redo your kitchen, a plumber to fix your toilet, a tutor to help your kid get into college. Yet when it comes to the most important area of your life—your financial future—suddenly you think you’re qualified for a do-it-yourself project?

4. We’ve all heard it a thousand times: buy low and sell high. But when the stock market was at historic lows last year, none of you would put your money in.

5. If you’re getting your stock tips from Jim Cramer’s Mad Money and CNBC, you’re waaaay late.

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