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117 Things We Do for Our Clients - Number 11 - Guide You Through Difficult Times in the Stock Market

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

We guide you through difficult times in the stock market by sharing historical data and perspectives.

The stock market is volatile, and sometimes the losses (and gains) are significant and scary. The US has experienced a bear market (a downturn of more than 20%) 26 times since 1929.

We guide you through these difficult periods by sharing historical data and perspectives.

Repeatedly, research shows that the greatest value of an investment advisor is helping clients keep their portfolios fully invested in times of market crisis.

One way we do that is sharing historical perspectives that help calm the panic and restore clear thinking.

For example, the average bull market lasts five times longer than a bear market. The average bear market is over in 10 months and the average drop is 32%. HOWEVER, the average bull market finds stock prices increasing by 440%.

When the market gives an opportunity to panic, we provide a realistic perspective that can make a huge difference in your retirement cash flow and likelihood of a successful financial life.

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