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5 ways to get rich . . . or poor – 1 – money management – MSN Money

I\’ll break this to you gently: You\’re probably not going to end up filthy rich.

Only about 80,000 U.S. households (out of 115 million) qualify as \”the glittering rich,\” which is what author Thomas J. Stanley calls the people with seven-figure incomes and eight-figure wealth. (Stanley co-authored the classic money book \”The Millionaire Next Door\” and authored \”Stop Acting Rich . . . And Start Living Like a Real Millionaire.\”)

But you have a pretty good shot at accumulating a substantial net worth over your lifetime, depending on your choices. A relatively small number of factors can make a big difference in your wealth. Such as:

The easiest ways to get rich

The easiest ways to get rich

1. Marriage

Two can\’t live as cheaply as one, but sharing household expenses can have an impressive impact on your wealth.

The median net worth of all married-couple households in a Census Bureau wealth study (.pdf file) was more than four times higher than that of single men and five times higher than single women.

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