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7 Ways to Learn Anything More Easily – CBS News

It’s September, so kids are heading back to school and those of you still in college or business school are preparing to hit the books. But back-to-school time isn’t just of interest to parents and traditional students, young professionals can use the yearly return to study as inspiration to start learning something new for themselves or their careers.

But what if you’ve decided to learn a new language or new technical skill, how can you make the process as productive and pain free as possible? Psychology has evidence-based answers to help you study anything more efficiently, and blog BPS Research Digest rounds up seven of them, which were recently featured in The Psychologist magazine HT to Bob Sutton for the pointer.

Adopt a growth mindset. Students who believe that intelligence and academic ability are fixed tend to stumble at the first hurdle. By contrast, those with a ‘growth mindset’, who see intelligence as malleable, react to adversity by working harder and trying out new strategies.

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