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8 secrets for success from early retirees – Andrea Coombes’ Working Retirement – M

Don’t trash your goals because you think they are impossible.



A fair number of people, it seems, believe that “early retirement” is an unachievable financial goal for most Americans, or that it isn’t worth doing because retirement is akin to having no purpose in life.

That was the gist of some emails and comments written by MarketWatch readers in response to my recent column about Mr. Money Mustache, a blogger in Colorado who retired at age 30. (Read: Retire early — 35 years early.)

Mr. Money Mustache is still in the early years of his retirement. But he is by no means alone in his achievement of financial independence via strategic spending and saving.

Meet Billy and Akaisha Kaderli. They’re both 61 years old, and they retired when they were 38 — more than two decades ago. Ever since, they’ve been traveling the world, visiting places as far-flung as Laos, Thailand, Guatemala and Belize.

Yes, they earned above-average incomes before retiring — Billy was a broker and investment manager and Akaisha managed their restaurant in Santa Cruz, Calif. — but a big part of their retirement success revolves around cutting spending, monitoring expenditures, and being smart investors.

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