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A Life You Love

Everyone deserves to be living a life they love.

Not only do you deserve it – you should be doing it.

When I meet people and tell them what I do, they most often say, “Oh, so you help people get rich.”

They are often surprised when I tell them that what I really do is help people lead richer lives – now and for the rest of their lives, by developing a unique and meaningful financial plan, designed specifically for them and their lives.

A good financial plan is built on a solid foundation.

When you are building a house, you don’t just have a pile of lumber and nails delivered and then tell someone to build a house.

You work with a good architect (that's me) – one who will ask you the right questions that will give them the information you need to build the house you really love. How do you live? How will you use your house? Do you love to cook, or almost never cook? …… The answers to these questions will allow the architect to design the house that will really support your ideal lifestyle.

When you are building a financial life, you don’t just create numbers around a random set of goals. You find the goals that are most important to you. You define the life that is the life you want to live and design a financial plan around that.

Your life should bring you joy - always. In an earlier blog post, Life Is Too Short to Dance With an Ugly Partner, found here, I talked about how sad it would be to wait until you are 55 to start doing what you love and about the real problems of living in the rat race.

That blog also mentioned the idea that “life is too short to dance with an ugly partner” – a metaphor for the things in your life that do not bring you joy.

I suggest that you build your life (including your financial life) on a strong foundation - a crystal-clear vision that is based on your unique situation, values, and goals. Are you living a life that you love?

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