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A Purposeful Life – The Big Question

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”  Mary Oliver

A hammer is a tool – not an end in itself. Financial planning is a tool – not an end in itself. Investing is a tool – not an end in itself. Wealth is a tool – not an end in itself.

None of the items listed above are useful by themselves.  They are only useful if they support a purpose – your purpose.

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines “pur­poseful” as “Aimed at achieving something; determined”. It also states that “Purposeful also means intentional”.

I believe we each are here for a purpose – and each of us should be living a life that is in support of that purpose.

I also believe that if you are simply living your life to make money, you’re probably on the wrong track. I’ve found, no matter how much money you have, if you aren’t living a life you love, you will feel like you’re missing something.

Our company exists to help people lead richer lives – lives with purpose – today and for the rest of their lives.

There are three aspects to your life – body, mind, spirit – and we believe that your Purposeful Financial Life Plan must involve all three of these areas.

What does “Being Purposeful” mean to you?

And – the big question is – “What is your purpose”?

Life really is wild and precious.  What is it you plan to do with yours?

The quote at the top of this page comes from a short poem by Mary Oliver.  You can read the complete poem here:

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