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Advantages and Disadvantages of Older Parenting

Parents who start having their own kids when some of their peers are already becoming grandparents face some unique financial challenges. This is a topic Rick knows first-hand, so he had plenty to contribute when Dinah Wisenberg Brin interviewed him for an article on the advantages and disadvantages of being older parents.

One of the biggest concerns is what Wisenberg Brin calls the college/retirement overlap, when parents are ready to retire at the same time the kids are ready for college. This is one of the many reasons Rick strongly advises parents to make saving for their own retirement a higher priority than saving for their kids’ college expenses.

The piece was published September 26, 2011, on In addition to college and retirement funding, it covers topics such as naming guardians, the challenges of caring for elderly parents and kids at the same time, and the potential role of Social Security benefits.   read more at:

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