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Black Friday

It’s Black Friday – the day that retailers count on to bring them into the black for the year.

I’m not out out shopping.

I didn’t get up at 4:00 AM to be one of the first in line a Best Buy to POSSIBLY save $200 on a laptop computer or to save $30 on a toy for my grandson or to rush around to see what other bargains I might just happen to find.

I’m not out fighting for parking spots and bruising my elbows as I fight my way through hoards of people to buy things for people (including me) that they don’t really want or need.

I slept in a little and am now sitting by the fireplace in my office doing what I really want to do.

As I mentioned a day or two ago, it is not your patriotic duty to spend money.  I believe that it is you duty to manage your entire life (including your financial life) in a responsible way.  This is not a country that was built on people spending more and more money, but a country that was built on people following their dreams – whatever those dreams may be.

Don’t be bullied into being financially irresponsible by spending money for the sake of spending money.  Instead, spend energy building the life you want and be financially responsble so that you have the freedom to follow that life.  You will be far better off by making wise decisions that support your plans and  your dreams.  Spend within your resources and buy things that support the life you want to live.  You will be better off – and so will your country.

Enjoy the day!


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