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Getting Your House in Order for 2022 - Part 3 of 3

Over the past few weeks we've published the first 2 parts of a 3-part series titled, “Getting Your House in Order for 2022." This is the final of the three parts.

Not having your “house in order” can, at a minimum, cause headaches for the people in your life if something happens to you or, in many cases, result in financial costs that could have been avoided.

In the first blog (which can be found here ), we recommended organizing key information about contacts, bills, and loans.

In the second blog (which can be found here), we talked about organizing your banking information, key basic documents, credit cards, ID cards, and other vital documents.

TODAY we will finalize this series with a checklist of important information to share, including information about legal documents, contracts, insurance, medical issues, and digital accounts.


If you have any of these documents, let them be known.

If you don’t, fear not. can help you understand why you need them and how to get them.

❏ Power of Attorney

❏ Last Will and Testament

❏ Trust Paperwork & Details

❏ Property Ownership/Rental (Deed/Lease/Contracts)

❏ Vehicle Ownership (Title/Agreement)

❏ Other: _________________________________


You’ll need to share the details for the types you already have. Make a note of the types you may want to add and revisit later.

❏ Health

❏ Life

❏ Disability

❏ Umbrella/Liability

❏ Other: _________________________________

❏ Car

❏ Property

❏ Long-Term Care

❏ Disaster


Have you completed any of the following Advance Health Care Directive(s)? If so, share where you keep them.

❏ Advance Directive, which is a combination of your Living Will and naming a Health Care Proxy

❏ Do Not Resuscitate Orders (DNR)

❏ Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST)

Write out any medical issues you’re currently managing and the methods of treatment. For each condition including the following details:

❏ Required Treatment (Learn more at

Name or Type of Medical Condition

❏ Prescription Required (medication name/doctor/pharmacy)

Make sure to identify any life-saving medication or devices you need in case of an emergency:

❏ Inhaler

❏ EpiPen

❏ Insulin

❏ Other: ____________________________

Don’t forget any of the following items you may use to improve your vision, mobility, or quality of life:

❏ Mobility Assistance (cane, walker, wheelchair)

❏ Orthopedic Devices

❏ Glasses/Contacts (BD, DIA, SPH, Lenses type)

❏ OTC Medication ❏ Other: ______________________________________________________________________


❏ Computer(s)

❏ Mobile phone

❏ Home Security

❏ Wi-Fi

❏ Other (example: Tablet): _____________________________________________________

How do you currently keep track of your passwords?

❏ Digital Document

❏ Physical Document

❏ Password Manager

Here’s an overview of the types of accounts to focus on to get you on the right path:

❏ Cloud Storage (Photos, Videos, Files)

❏ Messaging/Communication Tools

❏ Entertainment: Video | Music | Gaming

❏ Food/Delivery

❏ Email

❏ Social Media

❏ Money Management

❏ Shopping

❏ Other (Example: Travel, Web hosting/Blogging): _______________________________________

And then you can add any NOTES & PERSONAL THOUGHTS for any additional information or anything you think isimportant to include.

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