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How Japan’s Disaster Could Impact Your Investments – CBS

Don’t Panic – “Doing nothing is probably your best strategy” –



Discussing the impact the Japanese earthquake could have on our 401(k)s and other investments seems terribly beside the point right now, while our hearts and prayers are riveted on the human toll that is unfolding. In the grand scheme of things, investing takes a very distant back seat.

But it is also in times of great emotional upheaval, uncertainty and yes, fear, that we can do great harm to our portfolio. The fact that the Japanese stock market fell 6.2 percent today in its first full session since the earthquake, is surely nerve-wracking, and bound to raise your investing anxiety. Add in the turmoil in the Mideast and it’s absolutely understandable to feel like now’s the time to do some wholesale stock selling.

Slow down. Before you make a decision to do something in light of what is happening right now, step back, and think through what the longer-term picture might look like. Here are some points to consider:

  1. Natural disasters aren’t permanent. From a purely financial vantage point, Japan will rebuild and recover.

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