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How to Make Your Retirement Savings Last –

It’s a retiree’s nightmare: outliving the assets in a retirement portfolio.

Between historically low interest rates dragging on fixed-income yields and uncertainties about taxes, not to mention the threat of future inflation and volatile markets that send skittish investors seeking shelter, retirees who are living longer are finding it challenging to keep their portfolios up to speed.

Recent calculations from the Employee Benefit Research Institute show that roughly 44% of those born between 1948 and 1978—baby boomers and Generation X—won’t have adequate retirement income, and that is assuming interest rates go back up in 2014. But the current environment is weighing even on those heading into retirement with what seems like a tidy sum.

Retirees need an efficient plan of attack to squeeze all the juice out of their portfolios, ensuring they have sufficient assets for their golden years. Here are some strategies:

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