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Investors: Five Ways To Lose Money Without Trying – Forbes

Investors woke up to a surprise on Thursday: jobless claims came in higher than expected and ExxonMobil (XOM) missed earnings by 9 cents a share. Exxon stock declined marginally, down just 1.7%. Then again, pending home sales rose and a has some pundits saying the real estate market has bottomed out. Anyone who has tried buying a piece of property over the last three years (as I have), has heard that one before — the market has bottomed out, rates can’t go any lower. Whatever you say, Charlie.

Apple is going to $1,000. China is heading for a hard landing. Gold will hit $2,000 by year’s end. When it comes to investment “advise”, any one can say any thing.

Jerome Booth, head of research at London-based Ashmore Group, a $50 billion investment company, has something to say. He gave Ashmore clients a list of 10 conservative ways of investing likely to prove sub-optimal over the long term. Conservative investing is not necessarily prudent investing. Conservative can be following the line of least intellectual resistance: doing what others do or what has worked in the past.

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