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Mobile Trend Creates Cultural Shift in Micro Philanthropy

This is an interesting article about the way micro-philanthropy is changing through changing technology.

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The mobile applications are revolutionizing the ways of charitable giving to fun, engaging and simple. Now users can engage in philanthropic deeds and have fun at the same time just by connecting to mobile.

“World Vision” has developed a mobile app called ‘My Kids,’ which is an overseas children sponsor application. The app, which was inspired by the application “Celebrity Look-Alikes,” will recognize the user’s face when the user takes or uploads a picture on to the app, and introduce a foreign child in need that resembles the user.

The users can choose the nationality and the gender of the child that they want to help, and sponsor up to 30,000 won a month, or donate 10,000 won regularly to a special overseas charity program, which provides food and clean water to those in need.

Such a trend that fuses entertainment elements with charity together through mobile technology is garnering widened awareness worldwide as well.

“Budge” is another good-will application mixed with entertaining factors which has enjoyed a steady stream of donations from users in the United States and Australia.

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