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Musings on the best gift of all

I’ve found that sharing your memories, experiences, values and stories is one of the best gifts of all.  This article explores how to do this.



The best gift of all: your genuine interest Here we are at December again! With all the rituals and festivities, it’s the month that promises moments of transcendence from the ordinary. We all know how much stress can be attached to trying to meet those expectations! But right under your nose is the means to find those special moments – stress free. Where?

In conversations sparked by your genuine interest and curiosity about the life experiences and perspectives of the people you stand and sit next to at holiday gatherings over the next few weeks. Don’t waste the opportunity to be surprised, to connect in new ways, to give the gift of true attention. Some reminders and ideas: Don’t assume you know everything already! There is always something new to learn about someone.

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