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Overcoming Your Negative ‘Money Scripts’ –

The money scripts we learn throughout life (especially when we are young) are tough to overcome.  This is an interesting article by a friend, Rick kahler, about dealing with your money scripts.



When Carolyn Millar was a young girl, she interrupted a conversation her father was having with another man to ask for a quarter.Her dad, a lumber-mill owner, reached in his pocket and came out with a palmful of nickels and dimes. “I haven’t got a quarter,” he said, gazing at the change. Then he returned the money to his pocket and went back to chatting.”That was it; the matter was closed,” says Ms. Millar, recalling a scene that unfolded about 60 years ago. But the incident had a lasting—and her view, generally positive—impact. “It taught me that you have to be precise when you’re talking about money,” says the retired dog-kennel owner who lives in Bangor, Me.

For Rick Kahler, a financial planner in Rapid City, S.D., Ms. Millar provides “a really good example of how money scripts”—hard-wired and often hidden feelings about money that shape financial decisions throughout life—are developed. “They can come from the most innocent situations, mostly before you’re 10,” he says.

read the complete article here –  Overcoming Your Negative ‘Money Scripts’ –

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