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Steve's New Book Available on Amazon!

Steve's new book, Ten Pillars of a Purposeful Financial Life: A Roadmap to Living an Inspired Life, was recently published and is now available on Amazon.

I have dreamt of writing this book since I started Purposeful Financial Planning 16 years ago.

At the core of the book is my belief that everyone is unique and that they should strive to follow a path in life that exploits their unique strengths. A good financial life does not stand alone. It is built on top of a good life.

This book addresses both of these areas – living a good life and practicing strong financial principles.

I wrote this book based on my experience working with hundreds of families and individuals over the past 16 years and hearing and seeing what is really important to each of them.

You are a unique individual with a unique purpose in life. Your values are unique. Your life vision is unique. And the way you will get to your vision is unique.

This book guides you through a process of capturing what is important to you in life and then creating and implementing a plan to make that life vision and those dreams come true.

Money is not a goal in itself. It is a tool to help you achieve what is truly important to you, by building and using wealth based on sound core financial planning principles.

This book will help you change your world - and allow you to change the world outside of you. It will allow you to create a future that is bigger and more exciting to you.

The book addresses 10 different areas:

  • knowing yourself

  • the role of gratitude in your life

  • creating a crystal-clear vision for your life

  • developing a road map for your financial life

  • creating wealth

  • growing your wealth through intelligent investing

  • protecting your wealth

  • enhancing your wealth

  • sharing your wealth through philanthropy and legacy

  • and finally, the importance of continuing to grow yourself

Each of these areas is addressed in a separate chapter, with specific details on how to succeed in each area. Ten Pillars of a Purposeful Financial Life: A Roadmap to Living an Inspired Life is available on Amazon.

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