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Ten Things Financial Planning Should Be! | Von Haefen Financial Management

There are many misconceptions about what financial planning is and is not.  This article identifies ten things that good financial planning is. 

It provides some good food for thougth.

Here’s a list of ten things (in no order of importance) that are indicative to good financial planning.

Financial planning should be:

1. Comprehensive/holistic

I often tell clients that financial planning is similar to Newton’s Third Law…every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Simply put, making a change (positively or negatively) in any area of your financial world will impact other areas. It’s imperative that all aspects of your financial plan work together hand and glove.

2. A process, not a one time event

It takes time to fully implement all the elements needed for a solid financial plan. This can only be achieved by moving the puzzle pieces one at a time. Think of it this way: How do you eat an elephant… bite at a time!

See the complete article here :

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