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The Secrets of Attending College Without Student Loans

I am a strong believer in minimizing and ultimately eliminating all debt (except a reasonable mortgage).  College debt often puts a huge financial burden on younger individuals and families.  I encourage you to do everything you can to get through college with zero (or as close to zero as you can get) debt.  This article has some great ideas and interesting thoughts.



The majority of students, who graduate from college, leave with a diploma and student loans. Two out of every five Community college campus undergrads, however, earn a degree without borrowing for college. In the most recent reporting year available, that equals about 1.7 million undergrads.

Who are these lucky students? Mark Kantrowitz, the founder of FinAid, a comprehensive financial aid website, decided to find out what kind of students managed to graduate debt free.

Here is what Kantrowitz discovered:

1. 85% of students who graduated with no debt attended public colleges and universities and 78% enrolled in in-state institutions.

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