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The Stages of Change and Starting New Healthy Habits

Reminders about Starting New Healthy HabitsFebruary 17, 2012 By Matthew Killorin Comments 0change ahead. Matthew Killorin Have you ever decided to make a change in your life to improve your health, only to return to the unhealthy behavior you were doing before? We’ve all done it at one time or another – maybe it was trying to improve our sleep routine, giving up cigarettes, or maybe improving our diet. For a time, we’re doing a good job of sticking to our new regimen, but then for some reason, we go back to doing the unhealthy habit. That backslide into the old, unhealthy habit can be discouraging, but we shouldn’t let that deter us from trying again. According to experts, that backslide, or “relapse”, is a normal part of the habit-forming process.

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