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Your Finances: Three key questions to ask

“Feelings are our music. Music has feelings,” George Kinder told me. This is the type of comment one might expect from a conductor at a symphony.

But I wasn’t at the symphony. I was attending a workshop of the award-winning life-planning trainer George Kinder.

He was highlighting the importance of being able to empathize with the feelings our clients might have about money, especially painful financial experiences.

The idea is that through life planning, we are able to help our clients break the cycle of pain and live an inspired life.

Life and money issues

Kinder is probably best known for the three questions that are the first step in the Kinder life-planning process.

I am going to share them with you. These questions are copyrighted; they are published here with permission from the

Kinder designed these questions while writing his first book, “The Seven Stages of Money Maturity.” The questions are sequential and build upon each other. Ideally, as a client, you only receive one question at a time so you can fully answer the question before moving on to the next question.

1. Imagine that you are financially secure, that you have enough money to take care of your needs, now and in the future. How would you live your life? Would you change anything? Let yourself go. Don’t hold back on your dreams.

Describe a life that is complete, that is richly yours.

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