2010 year in review from Dimensional Fund Advisors

Dimensional Fund Advisors, the manager of many of the mutual funds in our client portfolios, wrote this comprehensive economic and investment review of the year 2010. I think you will find it interesting. The past year offered an interesting mix of positive and negative news as investors around the world eagerly anticipated signs of economic recovery and financial stabilization. While most financial markets logged positive returns for a second straight year, investors had to

An Article about DFA Funds

This is a great article about DFA Funds DFA Funds Hard to Buy, Easy to Own By Timothy Middleton CNBC on MSN June 2002 Call Dimensional Fund Advisors the anti-Long Term Capital Management . The latter is the professor – run hedge fund that imploded because the risks it was trying to avoid bit it in the backside. DFA,  likewise run by a coven of finance professors, doesn’t avoid risk—it relishes it . And that’s produced an excellent long- term performance record, which, alas, m

Dan Solin’s three stock market predictions for 2010

I think that you will find the following article about Dan Solin’s three stock market predictions for 2010 very interesting: His three predictions are: 1.  There will be no end of “financial experts” who will shamelessly set forth their views on what will happen to the stock markets in 2010.   (he has some great examples of predicions by experts made last year and earlier this year – including a prediction by Jim Cramer  Jim Cramer — not one to lack in confidence or flair — t