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14 Financial Shows/Documentaries That Are Worth Your Time » Financial Uproar

Back in the old days, before streaming video on the internet, I’d cruise channels looking for my two favorite nerd vice shows- documentaries on war and money. I remember being sick one night at about 4 in the morning and finding a show on PBS about the history of credit cards in the U.S. and how they rose to prominence. It was a great night, except for, you know, puking.

Luckily, we no longer live in such primitive times. Thanks to streaming video, we can watch awesome programming whenever we want. No more waiting for programs to come on tv. No more buying the DVD or VHS tape of a show we find interesting just to let it sit and collect dust. What a time to be alive.

Being that I’ve watched a LOT of financial documentaries in my time, I’m the perfect guy to come up with a list of stuff to watch. So without further adieu, be prepared to not be very productive in the next little while. It’s okay, you needed a break anyway.

1. Dragon’s Den (watch it here)

Dragon’s Den was originally a Japanese show, which migrated to Canada’s national broadcaster in 2006. The show features budding entrepreneurs who pitch their business ideas to wealthy investors (called the Dragons) who invest in ideas they think have potential. It is currently CBC’s highest rated show, even beating out the iconic Hockey Night In Canada. Only the current season is available on CBC’s website, and it might not be available to American readers.

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