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14 Ideas for a Great 2009 – #1: Have Vivid Dreams

14 Ideas for a Great 2009 –

Over the next 14 days I will be posting 14 hints (one each day) to help you make 2009 a great year.

Here is the first:

#1 – Have Vivid Dreams

Be sure that your dreams (goals) are clear and written down.

The things that you want to achieve in life should be written down in clear and precise language and in a place where you can easily see and review them regularly.

Our dreams are what keep us going.  Dream Big.  As the song says in the musical, South Pacific, “If you don’t have a dream … how you gonna have a dream come true?”  Pay attention to what makes your heart sing and your spirit soar.  And then go for it.

If you have not read “The last Lecture” by Randy Pausch, get a copy and read it.  You might want to buy a copy and make it part of your permanent library  When he wrote the book, Randy was a 48-year-old professor at Carnegie Mellon University who was dying of pancreatic cancer.  The book is based on a presentation he gave to 500 of his students, colleagues and friends just before he left the University for the last time.  The topic of the lecture is “Achieving your Childhood Dreams.”  It talks about his life experience and the importance of  having and following your dreams.

You can see the original presentation on YouTube at the following link:  .  It’s well worth he 76 minutes it takes to watch.

Unfortunately, Randy Pausch passed away in late 2008.  His legacy, however, lives on through is book and his life.

Napoleon Hill says that “A goal is a dream with a deadline.”  Make sure that your dreams have time frames attached.  A simple way to do this is to use the SMART goal system which tells you to make sure your goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and have a Timeframe attached to them.

If your goals are not clearly documented, spend some time doing getting them down in writing.

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