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18 Songs That Make You Want To Give To Charity

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Most songs simply want to make you happy or sad. But some are trying to do more, shedding light on an important social issue or cause and prompting people to act.

Disease, poverty, and abuse are just a few of the causes. While songs like “Feed The Word” or “Do They Know It’s Christmas” had the sole purpose of raising awareness, there are many others, some from unexpected bands and artists that tackled tough issues as well.

Some of these causes might hit close to home. Even if you don’t have the resources to write a check today, you can arrange to help out after you’re gone by donating money or assets from your estate. It’s also common to see “in lieu of flowers, please donate to…” in obituaries and death notices allowing mourners to give as well. (For more info on this, check out our How To Give to Charity After You Die article.)

For those of you who haven’t championed a cause, maybe some of these songs will inspire you. Or maybe they’ll just get stuck in your head for a while. (We’re looking at you, Phil Collins!)

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