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Though this story first appeared a number of years ago in one of our first books on money, I realize that many of you may not have seen it.  I am re-telling it here, because it is an important part of my story.

My relationship with money had always been one filled with a good bit of mystery and intrigue.  Mystery, because I seldom knew what was going to happen until it happened.  Intrigue, because I was under the misguided assumption that forces in the universe were conspiring to ensure that my money stuff would take care of itself.

I believed in what I now call Ted’s Perverted Law of Karma.   If I worked hard, sacrificed, was a good person, did the right things for the right reasons, then all my financial needs would be taken care of.  I organized my entire life around that unconscious belief.

read the complete article here:  via 24 Hours to Live | Your Mental Wealth.

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