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4 Things Advisors Should Never Say to Clients

Writer Emily Guy Birken and advisor Rick Kahler consider 4 pieces of investment advice a financial advisor should never give

In the world of financial planning, it appears that Father really does know best — if he’s a qualified advisor.

Financial planning writer Emily Guy Birken reminisced recently on personal finance website Wise Bread about the money wisdom that her dad, a certified financial planner, passed on to her before he died earlier this year. Birken’s father, Jim Guy, a first executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Cambridge Investment Research in Fairfield, Iowa, joined Cambridge’s executive group in 1999, and served at the broker-dealer level while continuing to lead his Baltimore-based independent practice alongside his wife and business partner, Helen.

What strikes Guy’s daughter today, even though she is now a 34-year-old woman who “grew up imbibing financial wisdom with my applesauce,” is how incredibly intimidated she felt the first time she met with an advisor who was not her father.

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