4 Things Advisors Should Never Say to Clients

Writer Emily Guy Birken and advisor Rick Kahler consider 4 pieces of investment advice a financial advisor should never give

In the world of financial planning, it appears that Father really does know best — if he’s a qualified advisor.

Financial planning writer Emily Guy Birken reminisced recently on personal finance website Wise Bread about the money wisdom that her dad, a certified financial planner, passed on to her before he died earlier this year. Birken’s father, Jim Guy, a first executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Cambridge Investment Research in Fairfield, Iowa, joined Cambridge’s executive group in 1999, and served at the broker-dealer level while continuing to lead his Baltimore-based independent practice alongside his wife and business partner, Helen.

What strikes Guy’s daughter today, even though she is now a 34-year-old woman who “grew up imbibing financial wisdom with my applesauce,” is how incredibly intimidated she felt the first time she met with an advisor who was not her father.

via 4 Things Advisors Should Never Say to Clients.

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