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7 Money Conversations You Want To Have With Your Kids- Financial Life Focus

One of the most important things we can do is help our children learn how to handle money.  Michael Kay has some good ideas to help you do this.



What you teach your kids about money lasts a lifetime.

And like most important lessons, it isn’t just what you tell them to do, it’s how they see you operate every day. The values you demonstrate will shade and shadow your kids’ money behavior for the rest of their lives.

And it starts early. Kids are like little sponges who absorb everything (like repeating that four letter word that just slipped out of your mouth).

So rather than letting your kids ONLY learn by example, consider these seven conversations to help your kids learn how to make money work for them:

Money is just a tool. Having money is not an objective by itself, but a means to live your life with options and a sense of security. This is a great lead-in to talk about work and what it takes to make money.

via 7 Money Conversations You Want To Have With Your Kids- Financial Life Focus.

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