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7 Things to Leave in 2015 – Advantage Media Group

The first official work week of 2016 is in full swing, meaning you’ve probably made a lot of promises to yourself. Whether your resolutions are to improve your personal health, skyrocket your career, or help more people around you, they are most likely lofty goals. It seems at this time of the year, everyone wants to be thinner, nicer, and happier. Instead of looking so far ahead to the future. Let’s take a look at 2015. What is it that you would like to let go of? It could be a toxic friendship, a bad habit, or an attitude or thought that has continued to haunt your mind. Maybe you should leave those spandex, neon shorts that you wore last Halloween behind as well. Here’s a few more things to let go of while you’re at it. Your gurus. Okay, well not all of them, but the start of a new year is a great time to reevaluate who you have been listening to and think about who is actually influencing you. Do some up-to-date market research and see who you should be learning from. Narrow it down to two or three people who you really want to learn from and subscribe to their newsletters, webinars, and podcasts. By doing this, without even realizing it, you are aiming your business or your personal life in a direction that is more pointed to who you want to be like, professionally and personally. Clutter. If your inbox is being inundated by newsletters, sales notifications, and updates from websites that you probably subscribed to years ago and never read, it’s too much noise to listen to the good stuff. Free softwares, like SaneBox and Mailstrom, can help you unsubscribe to those pesky emails with only a few clicks. Other options like Unroll.Me can help you delete and stay subscribed to the outlets that you still enjoy getting but in one email called a rollup. Once your email is streamlined, don’t forget to clean up your working space and under the bed, too. Dedicate one day to reorganizing and it’s like accomplishing a resolution in a day! The fear of trying new social media platforms. There is a common misconception that social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram are for teens and people who are obsessed with Justin Bieber. Not true. Snapchat is actually the fastest growing social network with over one hundred million active users snapping daily, while Instagram has more than four hundred million active accounts with 75 percent of them from outside the United States. While there are options to do paid advertising on these platforms, there is also value in promoting your handles and gaining some free and easy interest that way.

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