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9 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Streamline Your Financial Advisor Blogging |

Getting started with blogging as a financial advisor can be a challenging task. While there’s a lot of appeal in a blogging-and-social-media-based marketing strategy – including the fact that it’s very inexpensive marketing, and can be an especially good way for a small firm to differentiate itself – most advisors aren’t exactly sitting around with a lot of spare time in their day to take up a new marketing initiative.

In this guest post, Investment Writing blogger Susan Weiner – author of the newly released “Financial Blogging” book for advisors – shares some insights about how advisors can leverage the services of a virtual assistant, at a low cost, to help get started with a new blogging effort. As someone who uses a virtual assistant VA to help with some of her own blogging, Susan has excellent perspective “from the trenches” about what does and doesn’t work in hiring a VA.

So if you’re an advisor who’s been thinking about trying to start blogging but realizing you’ll need some help – or perhaps an advisor who’s already making the effort but would like some inspiration about how to more effectively leverage your time – today’s guest post should be helpful for you with some tips and guidance about how to go down the virtual assistant road yourself. Who knows, you might even find that virtual assistant can help you with some other parts of your busy work life, too?

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