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* A Richer Life Joins Character Fort Collins

A Richer Life Financial Planning is pleased to announce that we are now a Business Member of Character Fort Collins.

Character Fort Collins advances and promotes the community-wide character initiative in all sectors of the community. It exists to encourage, support and resource individuals, businesses and organizations in their efforts to lead, develop and model good character. Because good character is the foundation for all lasting success, business owners, teachers, coaches, families, and government officials have discovered that investing in efforts to develop and integrate a standard of good character in all aspects of their jobs and personal lives is resulting in more harmonious relationships, improved morale, increased productivity and a sharp reduction in frustrating problems that cost everyone a lot of time and energy.

We believe that Character is important in all aspects of life and are trying to make A Richer Life Financial Planning a Business of Character.

You can read more about Character Fort Collins at their website.

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