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Appreciation - The Power of Two Minutes

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” Voltaire

When was the last time you told someone that you appreciated them? If you are like most people, it’s been a while. Most people don't express appreciation often enough.

Appreciation is good, honest communication that has immense benefits to everyone involved.

We all feel good when we hear that we are appreciated.

Appreciation is inspiring – it breeds more positive emotions in both the appreciated and the appreciator.

Appreciation gives purpose. When you know that your life and actions have value, you are inspired to live a better life.

Appreciation helps us see the good in other people. If we take the time to recognize their good points and appreciate them, it changes how we see them as a person.

Appreciation brings greater happiness to one's life. When someone is happy, it brings more optimism to their life.

Hints for appreciating people:

  • It's about the willingness to see the good in others and sharing the observation.

  • When you see someone do something good, tell them. A little "Nice!" or "Good job!" can do wonders.

  • You can communicate appreciation in person, through e-mail, or a written note.

  • When someone does something that positively affects your life, thank them immediately.

  • Look for opportunities – once you start looking, it is easy to see opportunities.

  • Make it a habit – do it every day.

Action for NOW: Pick up the phone, grab a notecard, send an email, or send a text. Now. Take two minutes to let someone know that you appreciate them – and why.

It will make their day better - and it will make your day better.

I would love to hear from you. I invite you to send me your thoughts by clicking here.

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