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Ask the Expert: Life insurance for children? – Apr. 5, 2005

NEW YORK CNN/Money – My wife and I recently had our first son and my mother wants to buy him a $50,000 life insurance policy. But when I tell her I think it would make more sense for her to contribute to a college savings plan or custodial account in his name, she makes it sound as I’m a lunatic. We are fighting mad at each other at this point. So I ask you: am I right on this or am I a lunatic?– Rhoads Hall, St. Louis, Missouri

For all I know you may be a lunatic. But it’s not because of your position on life insurance for children. At the risk of flinging myself into what appears to be a highly volatile family brouhaha, I have to say that from a purely financial point of view, I agree with you on this one, for a variety of reasons.

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