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Bert Whitehead: Surviving World Upheaval

By Bert Whitehead, M.B.A., J.D. ©2011

We are witnessing two astonishing world events that erupted in the past three months, both of which were unpredictable. Since the revolutions in the Mideast and the nuclear crisis in Japan both involve significant energy resources worldwide, the impact may be staggering. It is interesting how quickly we normalize the impact of such calamities, perhaps because we don’t think we are directly affected. After all, these things aren’t happening here: they are half a world away.

Of course it is entirely possible, maybe even probable, that everything will work out fine. The Middle Eastern tribal structure will give way to real democracy, without needing dictators to keep folks in line. Japan will mop up their nuclear reactors, and we all will find a way to counteract the spread of radiation before any real harm is done.

Read the complete article from Bert here … Bert Whitehead: Surviving World Upheaval.

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