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Break a Perfectionism and Procrastination Connection Now | Psychology Today

Break a Perfectionism and Procrastination Connection Now

Learn to overcome perfectionism and procrastination simultaneously.

Published on March 12, 2010 by Dr. Bill Knaus, Ed.D. in Science and Sensibility

Humorist Walt Kelly titled his book, We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us. Kelly was onto something.

When perfectionism and procrastination combine, you can be your own worst enemy. By freeing yourself from this complex process, you can better use your time to accomplish more with less stress. Here you’ll see a sample of how this process works, a case example, and some ideas for breaking the perfectionism-procrastination connection.

What is perfectionism? Is it stretching for excellence in areas of your life that you find purposeful? Is it pattern of nit picking, defect detecting, and controlling? Do you hold to lofty standards, demand perfection from yourself, and make your worth contingent on meeting lofty standards? Depending on your definition, it can be any one of the three. I’ll focus on demanding perfection.

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