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‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself’ Book Excerpt | Gaiam Life

Familiar memories “re-mind” us to reproduce the same experiences. If the past is holding you back, how can you grow?An excerpt from ‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself’:: byDr. Joe Dispenza [Pin It]Every day, as you see the same people your boss, for example, and your spouse and kids, do the same things drive to work, perform your daily tasks, and do the same workout, go to the same places your favorite coffee shop, the grocery store you usually frequent, and your place of employment, and look at the same objects your car, your house, your toothbrush … even your own body, your familiar memories related to your known world “re-mind” you to reproduce the same experiences.We could say that the environment is actually controlling your mind. Since the neuroscientific definition of mind is the brain in action, you repeatedly reproduce the same level of mind by “re-minding” yourself who you think you are in reference to the outer world. Your identity becomes defined by everything outside of you, because you identify with all of the elements that make up your external world.

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