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Dan Solin: Jim Cramer’s Shame Meter Is Broken by Dan Solin on October 13, 2010

I don’t watch Jim Cramer’s aptly titled Mad Money.  A reader sent me CNBC’s summary of his October 6, 2010, show, which he thought would be of interest.  He was right! Cramer outlined a recommended trading strategy.  It was quite simple.  You should sell stocks that had “flown too high,” “let them cool off” and then buy them back at lower prices.  According to Cramer, this is a “tested strategy” that had served him well for 30 years.  Here is the part that really got my attention:  “And if there were proof that buy-and-hold-or simply buying an index fund, for that matter – generated the kinds of returns earned from actively managing your money,” Cramer would “offer a mea-culpa immediately.”   Hold on to your hats …….

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