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Dancing with Possibility

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

I think often about my favorite words - words that resonate with me, guide my life, give me positive feelings, and inspire me. My list includes: optimism, happiness, vision, and integrity.

Two of the words that most often rise to the top of my list are "Possibility" and "Dancing".

For me, "Dancing" creates visions of joy, movement, hearing the music of life, playfulness, adaptation, free-spiritedness, creativity, and fun. (Full disclosure: I dance well metaphorically but not in practicality. You can confirm that with my grandchildren.)

"Possibility" creates visions of options, freedom, optimism, creativity, learning, opportunity, discovery, expansiveness, and growth.

These two words together, "Dancing with Possibility", create within me an incredibly strong vision of joyous growth and creativity.

I am spending my life "Dancing with Possibility" - and trying to get better at it every day.

I invite you to join me.

Start Dancing now. Open your eyes to Possibilities.

And watch this blog for more information soon.

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