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Diversify Investments To Enjoy Dance

Rick has a great way of explaining diversification by likening it to dancing.  I think you’ll enjoy this article – and get a few chuckles.



It’s been years since I took dance lessons, but as I remember it, an evening of dancing has an overall rhythm that’s separate from each individual song. A good band will vary the tempo of the dance by playing a variety of music. Too many slow songs, and dancers get bored doing one foxtrot or two-step after another.

Too many polkas or fast jitterbugs, and half the crowd might end up a bit too literally “on the floor.”A dance band might play mostly country-western music, have a big band sound, or focus on oldies rock and roll. But no matter what type of music it plays, in order to be successful it needs to have a diversified repertoire.And no band would be invited back if it played nothing but novelty dances like the hokey pokey or the chicken dance. These might be fun for a few minutes, but nobody—except possibly a three-year-old on a sugar high—wants to do …..

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