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Eight Financial To Do Items for the Rest of 2014

Roger Wohlner has created an excellent list of things you should think about before the end of the year.  I suggest you do everything on the list.



Though most of 2014 is behind us there are still plenty of things left to do financially in 2014. Here are eight financial to do items for your list.

Review your 401(k)

With the S&P 500 and other market indexes at or near all-time highs this is a good time to revisit your 401(k) asset allocation and to rebalance if needed. Better still why not take this time to active the auto-rebalance feature if your plan offers this feature?

Are you on-track to contribute the maximum to your 401(k) this year? If you are not there is still time to increase your salary deferral if you can afford it. The maximum contributions are $17,500 and $23,000 if you will be 50 or over at any point during 2014. Even if you can’t contribute the maximum amount this is still a good time to bump your deferral if you can.

via Eight Financial To Do Items for the Rest of 2014 | The Chicago Financial Planner.

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