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Five to Honor: Investing Pioneers—The 2015 IA 35 for 35

Rob Arnott; John Bogle; Eugene Fama; Benjamin Graham; Harry Markowitz are trailblazers in investment theory

Industry leaders Arnott, Bogle, Fama, Graham and Markowitz share a combined 14 appearances on the IA 25.

While advisors are intellectually curious about all manners of topics, it’s investing that really gets them going. When it comes to investing theory and application, these five men being honored as part of the 2015 IA 35 tend to be in every advisor’s pantheon.

Interestingly, these are also men who have strong personal connections with each other—either as student and teacher, mentor and mentee or business advisor and entrepreneur. Not that they always agree, but even in their criticism and, in some cases, their aversion to suffering fools gladly, they’re more interested in getting to the truth than they are in scoring debating points.

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