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Four Web Tools to Simplify Finances –

There are websites that promise to help you save time and money. And now there’s at least one that will reward you for your fiscal responsibility as well as one that will help you out if you’ve been financially irresponsible.

Here are a handful of new sites you might have missed but could use: Like other sites aimed at helping you navigate the maze of credit-card offers, interest rates and rewards, NerdWallet is carving out other niches to, as it says, “Nerd your finances.”

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Tim Goldman

The newest tool will help savers find the highest interest rates among banks and credit unions.

“The biggest headache is that credit unions have the best rates, but there are more than 6,000 of them and many require you to live in a specific county or work for a certain company,” says Tim Chen, NerdWallet’s founder. “We tried to fix the problem of matching people with the rate they wanted and the credit union they would qualify for.”

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