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Getting the Most From Charitable Giving With Donor Advised Funds

I have long been a fan of Donor Advised Funds.  This article by Wade Pfau talks about some of the benefits.  If you are interested in finding our more, just give me a call (970-682-4875) or send me an email at .



Charitable giving is an important part of life for many Americans, and recent current events requiring an immediate response have served as an impetus for generating new charitable contributions quickly and without hesitation. With some advanced planning, these contributions could potentially be made with much greater tax benefit, and understanding how this is possible should help to facilitate even greater contributions to charity.

It is important to recognize that for those with appreciated shares in their taxable accounts, it can be much more effective from a tax perspective to donate appreciated shares rather than cash . The tax savings could then be leveraged to provide an even larger gift, if desired.

For instance, consider an individual wishing to donate $10,000. By donating cash, and when itemizing deductions, this contribution reduces taxable income by $10,000.

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