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Greg Gutfeld’s Advice For Grads

Commencement addresses are usually garbage. They’re for colleges seeking publicity. So you end up with star-hawking platitudes to an audience suckled on baby formula called The Daily Show. I was once asked to do one for a high school in Jersey, but I turned it down because they wouldn’t pay my cab fare.

So here is my advice for free. Take any job, any job you can find. Work your butt for one solid decade that will put you 10 years up on any pothead backpacking to Europe, videogame playing drones who thinks success drops from the sky like a magical Kardashian. Modern culture has created a warped view of achievement. Not everyone gets a reality show, so instead, be a work horse and by 2025, you’ll surpass the famous people you see now. Hard work beats those who prefer identity over industry.

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