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How a lemonade stand can change your child’s life | Times-News

Trying to raise the next Bill Gates? Some say entrepreneurship starts at a young age.

But if your child’s lemonade stand goes bankrupt, that doesn’t mean you’ve failed to raise an entrepreneur, according to financial expert Rachel Ramsey Cruze. She’s the daughter of best-selling author and radio talk show host Dave Ramsey, so you can bet her financial education started at a very young age. Dave and Sharon Ramsey taught Rachel how to save, spend and give: three lessons she took to heart.

After graduating from the University of Tennessee, Rachel joined her dad’s team at the Lampo Group in 2010, passing on important financial principles to her generation, many of whom are young parents. She talks about the dangers of credit cards, avoiding debt through college and how to eventually be able to give like no one else.

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