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How much do your cranky pants cost? | Purposeful Money with Erin Baehr, CFP®

Right about this time of year, a couple weeks before April 15, I start getting cranky. Okay, crankier than my usual tax season cranky.

When I’m at my crankiest, or dealing with any extreme emotion for that matter, my good sense about money tends to go out the window. I lose my energy to shop for good deals, I buy whatever looks good in the grocery store, and start to lose perspective about costs vs benefits.

Oh, it’s all understandable and temporary, but what about when negative emotions become chronic? Can that actually sabotage our financial goals?

I venture to say yes.

All kidding about cranky pants aside. In addition to the emotional harm unresolved issues can cause, I do think there is a financial component as well. If somewhere deep in your psyche you feel the need to prove your worth to someone, or the world, you may tend to spend more on things for appearance sake. Or take a job not right for you because it will get that person’s approval. Someone with trust issues may hold on too tight to money and not take appropriate risk with investments. Another with self-worth issues may not see a doctor when necessary or take care of herself and end up spending more on medical costs.

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