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How Much Money Do You See? | Fee-Only Certified Financial Planner based in New Orleans – Upperline F

How much of your money do you actually see? In your hands? In your wallet?

If I had to guess, it would be somewhere less than 5% of your total income. You can even include checks that you write in that amount. I’m guessing you write one or two per month. I own my own company, and I’m averaging fewer than 1 check per month.

Our money flows around us invisibly. The money we earn gets directly deposited into the bank. We set up automatic payments for our mortgage, loan payments, insurance, and anything else that we can automate. We swipe our cards and pay for clothes at the department store, groceries, and dining out. I can even pay for coffee at Starbucks now with my phone.And is it any wonder that we feel like we don’t really have the control of our finances that we’d like?Now, I’m not suggesting you switch to cashing your payroll checks at the bank and using envelopes in a drawer to manage your finances. I am suggesting that we do need to take extra steps to have control of our money, since we don’t carry it around in our wallets any longer.

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