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“We too often use money we haven’t earned to buy things we don’t need to impress people we don’t like." - Robert Quillen

Ever since we were born, we have been told that possessions equal joy. Because we have heard that message so many times, we have begun to believe it. As a result, we spend our lives working long hours to make good money so that we can buy nice stuff.

But deep down, we know in our hearts that possessions don’t equal joy. And we know that our life is far too valuable to waste chasing them.

But – sometimes it helps to be reminded of this.

So – today, remember:

Life is short. We only get one shot at it. The time goes by quickly. And once we use it up, we can’t get it back.

Possessions steal our time and energy. They require time to be cleaned, maintained, fixed, replaced, and removed. They steal our precious attention, time, and energy and we don’t even notice.

Your life is unique. Our skills, our perceptions, and our life experience are different than anyone else’s. We don’t need to live our lives like anyone else. Just because everyone else is chasing material possessions doesn’t mean we have to do the same.

Your life is significant. Far more than success, our hearts desire significance because significance lasts forever. Possessions are short term. They perish, break, and fade.

Your life should inspire. Lead a life worth following. You don’t change the world by following someone else. Instead, people who change the world live differently and inspire others to do the same. Possessions may briefly impress, but they never inspire.

Our life is important. Our heart and soul make us valuable. Don’t sacrifice your important role in this world by settling for possessions.

The Best Things in Life Cannot be Seen. Joy, happiness, and fulfillment are found in the invisible things of life: love, hope, peace, and relationships. And they are not on sale at your local department store. Stop looking for them there. People who live their lives in pursuit of possessions are never content. They always desire newer, faster, or bigger because material possessions can never satisfy our deepest heart desires.

Your life is far too valuable to waste chasing material possessions. Find more joy today by choosing to pursue “better,” rather than “more.”

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