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* Life Planning – A Winner

In his Blog titled “Life Planning – A Winner In The Financial Crisis”, Andrew Gluck wrote an interesting article about Life Planning – and published his interview with George Kinder, the man behind the Kinder Institute for Life Planning and my trainer and mentor during the process of becoming a Registered Life Planner (r).

I have included a small bit of the article here, followed by a link to the complete article.

While the economy has escaped the most frightening doomsday scenario, the financial crisis is far from done with us. Department stores and malls remain practically empty in Long Island most weekdays. Getting into fine restaurants on a Saturday night no longer requires reservations weeks in advance. Workers at my local Home Depot are so fearful of losing their jobs that they’re actually friendly and service-oriented now.

Meanwhile, in our corner of the economy, many advisors worry that over the next couple of years clients who have been disappointed by their portoflio’s performance will fire them.

However, the setback suffered by clients in their retirement portfolios and the rampant distrust of financial advisors unleashed by the Madoff scandal are likely to cause advisors to rethink the way they practice. Advisors will reinvent the financial advice business. As with earlier financial crises, change will follow. Progress will come inevitably. And a winner when this crisis ends is likely to be Life Planning.

You can read the entire article here:

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