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Local Charity Highlight - Rocky Mountain Raptor Program

One of Purposeful Financial and Legacy Planning's key values is to support the local community. In support of that value, we will highlight a Northern Colorado charity each month. Additionally, we support that charity with a donation.

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This month we are highlighting the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program, a Fort Collins non-profit dedicated to a three-fold mission: the rescue and rehabilitation of raptors in the northern Colorado region, conservation research, and educating the public through hands-on learning. Begun as a student club in 1979 and formalized as a program in 1987, this organization has helped nearly 7000 raptors gain a second chance at freedom.

Their Mission:

"To inspire the protection and appreciation of raptors and the spaces where they live through excellence in rehabilitation, education, and research.”

Using a collaborative, community-based team of raptor rehabilitation experts, Colorado State University veterinarians, and educated volunteers, the Rocky Mountain Raptor program provides compassionate care and rehabilitation to wounded raptors in need. In addition, their conservation research and educational events help protect raptors in the wild and provide hands-on learning to the public about various raptor species and the environment.

Those who live in northern Colorado appreciate the natural, open spaces and ample opportunities to "bask" in nature, including the opportunity to view different raptors in their natural habitats. One of our clients personally recommends and supports this charity for that very reason. He writes:

There’s a local institution that I know to be highly responsible and professional in its activities regarding wildlife conservation and education of the general public. That’s the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program. For those of us who love seeing hawks, eagles and other birds in the wild, nothing beats it, because without them, I believe our experience of the surrounding environment and ecosystem wouldn’t be as good as it is today.

As a nationally recognized leader in their field, the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program is hoping to build a Wildlife Nature Park in Ft. Collins with the goal of becoming a travel destination and educational center for visitors around the world.

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For those with a passion for these amazing creatures, there are many ways to assist the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program through the links below:

To see and shop their wish list:

To learn more about the mission and history of the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program, please visit here.

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